NHCRWA Rate Increase

The North Harris County Regional Water Authority (“NHCRWA”) postponed an earlier April1, 2020 increase in their surface water fee until July 1, 2020 due to the Corona virus pandemic. That fee increased from $4.30 per 1,000 gallons to $4.70 per 1,000 gallons.

By mandate, HCMUD 18 purchases surface water from the Authority and its separate fee is shown on MUD18 bills each month.

For additional information, the NHCRWA holds a public meeting the first Monday of the month, the address is on their website, and the phone number is 281-440-3924.

Why HCMUD 18 Uses Regional Surface Water

Over the past decade, significant changes have occurred in our water distribution. Issues of water supply and water quality have captured public attention nationwide. American cities are realizing water sources are not infinite and water conservation, once largely ignored, is worth pursuing as an era of cheap water ends.

The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, a state regulator of groundwater extraction, ordered a reduction in reliance on well water in northwest Harris County. This was a phased conversion to surface water sources of rivers and their associated reservoirs.

Over-reliance on ground water (well water) caused two serious problems in our community: localized areas were sinking as water below was pumped to the surface, and critical underground aquifers were being depleted faster than they could be recharged.

In 1999, the State of Texas and the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District enacted legislation and rules that required a migration from ground water (well sources) to surface water (river and lake- based sources). The City of Houston has authority over Lake Houston, the San Jacinto River, Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston, the 3 current sources of surface water.

This legislation drove the formation of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority to link up districts on the north side of Houston for the coordinated delivery of surface water to their systems. HCMUD18 is a participating member of this water authority.

As an active participant, MUD 18 retains use of its 2 wells, conserving an ability to blend well water with surface water to achieve required supplies during high usage periods and drought conditions.

Bill Payment Options

The current electronic payment options provided by Compass BBVA, for HCMUD18 customers including Automatic Bank Draft, will expire effective September 10, 2021.

Our Operations company, Eagle Water Management is currently working diligently to secure a contract with a new provider.  You will be notified via insert/water bill when the new payment options are available to you.

Until the new options are in effect, please utilize one of the methods below to pay your monthly water bill.

  1. BY U.S. POSTAL SERVICE:  The customer can pay by mail with the return envelope provided with their billing statement.  Please address the mailed bill to:  Eagle Water Management P.O. BOX 12149 Spring, TX 77391
  2. IN PERSON:  The customer can always bring a payment (cash, check or money order – no cards) by our office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  3. DROP BOX:  For after hours, a drop box is available and under surveillance at all times.
    The drop box is located directly outside of our front door at:  5118 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, TX  77379.
  4. ONLINE BANKING:  Customers can continue to pay electronically through their own bank account and their bank will send a physical check via U.S. Postal Service to Eagle Water Management.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.