Chlorine and Flushing Event

Harris County Municipal Utility District #18 is involved in annual flushing and temporary chlorine conversion event across the district. This is a planned event beginning May 16th and runs for about 10 days.

During that time we temporarily convert our water purification systems from Chloramine, to free Chlorine to assist in eliminating seasonal issues of taste, odor and discoloration. Before, during and after this period the water remains safe district-wide. You may detect a slight odor of chlorine but it is not harmful.

Associated with this temporary switch in disinfectant, MUD 18 will conduct additional flushing from hydrants in our area. This process is part of industry standard procedures to maintain quality drinking water during hot summer months where water may incur added organic growth that especially affects odor and taste.

Signs are posted at entries to MUD18 areas informing customers of this event.

Please call the district’s operator, Eagle Water Management (281-374-8989) with any questions or concerns.