Phased Installation of Smart Water Meters

Harris County MUD 18 began a phased installation of smart water meters in November 2019. Due to slower than expected shipments from the manufacturer, our expected completion date has moved back. The Operator has a crew installing meters as they arrive. This delay affects other water districts as well. We ask for your patience as we work to get this modernization completed for HCMUD18 customers.

This is a planned installation funded by the District’s existing capital improvement funds.

The installation will be accomplished in batches throughout the neighborhoods until all older mechanical water meters are replaced. There is nothing a homeowner needs do to prepare for the installation – District crews will do all the work.

Smart meters allow both the District’s Operator and its customers to track their water use. This is an advance in the ability to lower water costs and increase water conservation. The District saves money on manual meter readings as each home’s data are transmitted directly to the District Operator.

These new meters will be installed inside existing customer water meter boxes and do not require extensive modifications or disruptions of water service. Digital smart meters are far more accurate than older mechanical meters and are calibrated during installation to insure accuracy.

Smart meters quickly remember water use to establish individual use histories that can alert our Operator and the customer to periods of high water use, or even the possible presence of leaks in a customer’s home system. If a leak is suspected, the system can be programmed to contact a customer by email or SMS text message alerts.

Customers can download a free, mobile application for Apple or Android phones to track their own water use before a monthly bill is even received.

This software displays clear and concise graphics of water use displayed in monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly periods, which can be compared to a previous week’s use. Additionally, the data displays temperature and rainfall overlays to help explain water use patterns.