Stage One Drought Contingency Plan Announced

HCMUD 18 wants its customers to know that The City of Houston (COH), the primary source of water for the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA), which then provides Harris County Municipal Utility District 18 with surface water, entered Stage One of their Drought Contingency Plan on June 21, 2022, due to the observed drop in annual rainfall amounts and higher-than-normal daily temperatures.

The COH’s drought response calls for voluntary water conservations efforts to reduce water use, that will reduce the daily volume of water delivered.  The Houston Public Works Release can be found under

The North Harris County Regional Authority is therefore implementing Stage 1 of their Drought Contingency Plan immediately.

For Harris County MUD 18 compliance to the above recommendations is voluntary at this point in our own contingency plan, however we seriously advise customers to consider adjusting their irrigation system schedules to reduce watering run times, wash fewer loads of laundry and generally being more aware of their household water use.

One good way that MUD18 customers can do this is to download the free EyeOnWater mobile phone app to track their household water use in real time.  With this tool you can monitor daily, weekly, monthly use to see the effects of your effort to conserve water.

To do this, go here.

Announcements will be issued on our website should this stage of the Drought Contingency Plan change.