North Harris County Regional Water Authority, NHCRWA

By state mandate, HCMUD 18 purchases surface water from NHCRWA and lists this organization’s separate fee on MUD18 bills each month.

For additional information, on the NHCRWA website.  The Authority holds a public meeting the first Monday of the month.  Their phone number is 281-440-3924

Why HCMUD 18 Uses Regional Surface Water

Over the past decade, significant changes have occurred in our water distribution. Issues of water supply and water quality have captured public attention nationwide. American cities are realizing water sources are not infinite and water conservation, once largely ignored, is worth pursuing as an era of cheap water ends.

The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, a state regulator of groundwater extraction, ordered a reduction in reliance on well water in northwest Harris County. This was a phased conversion to surface water sources of rivers and their associated reservoirs.

Over-reliance on ground water (well water) caused two serious problems in our community: localized areas were sinking as water below was pumped to the surface, and critical underground aquifers were being depleted faster than they could be recharged.

In 1999, the State of Texas and the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District enacted legislation and rules that required a migration from ground water (well sources) to surface water (river and lake- based sources). The City of Houston has authority over Lake Houston, the San Jacinto River, Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston, the 3 current sources of surface water.

This legislation drove the formation of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority to link up districts on the north side of Houston for the coordinated delivery of surface water to their systems. HCMUD18 is a participating member of this water authority.

As an active participant, MUD 18 retains use of its 2 wells, conserving an ability to blend well water with surface water to achieve required supplies during high usage periods and drought conditions.

Bill Payment Options

Harris County MUD #18 has teamed up with First Billing Services to provide more payment options to our customers.  You can pay by credit card, debit card or eCheck.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex are all accepted.

  • Web Payments: Log onto https://eaglewater.firstbilling.com to access the online portal. Register your account OR pay as a guest!
  • Live Agent Assisted Payments: Call 855-270-3592 for live agent assistance.
  • Automated Phone Payments: Call 866-415-1835 and follow the prompts to listen to your balance and make a payment. This service is available 24/7.
  • Text & Pay: Register your account via the online portal to sign up for Text & Pay.
  • Direct Payment Plan (Automatic Monthly Payments): Log in online OR contact First Billing at 855-270-3592 to sign up for automatic payments. Each month, you will receive emails confirming the payment was successful.
  • E-Billing: Log in online OR contact First Billing at 1-855-270-3592 to sign up for e-billing.
  • On-Line Bill Pay: You may continue to pay your bill on-line through your bill payment service.
  • S. Postal Service: As always, you may mail your payment with the coupon in the return envelope provided with your billing statement.

Mailing address:  Eagle Water Management • P.O. BOX 12169 • SPRING, TEXAS 77391

The above options are not available for returned payments/checks or terminated service payments. Customers with returned check, returned account fund items and terminated service must come to the Eagle Water Management office located at 5118 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, Texas 77379 with a cashier’s check or money order to settle their accounts.

Please note that neither the District nor the Providers listed above will be responsible for your payments being late.  Should you have any questions regarding the payment options, please call 281-374-8989.

For more information or assistance with registration:

Call First Billing Services at 1-855-270-3592 or log onto https://eaglewater.firstbilling.com.

First Billing Services assesses a fee of 3.99% for each Credit/Debit card and 99¢ for each eCheck transaction.