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Harris County MUD has completed district-wide installations of smart water meters. These meters replaced mechanical water meters and were installed inside the existing meter boxes. They are far more accurate and allow customers to track their own water use through an online application called ‘EyeOnWater’.

This software can lead to lower individual water costs and increased conservation for our entire area. The meters use water use histories and can pinpoint periods of high-water use, or even the possible presence of leaks in a customer’s home system. If a leak is suspected, the EyeOnWater software can be set up to contact a customer by email or SMS text message alerts. This is especially valuable as a mobile phone notice while on vacation, as you can then call Eagle Water for assistance while away.

Once installed on a home computer and/or a mobile phone or tablet, the software displays clear and concise water use displayed in monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly periods, which customers can compare to a previous period’s use. Additionally, the data displays period temperature and rainfall overlays to help explain water use patterns.

EyeOnWater uses 2 separate pieces of software: a home computer software application, and an app for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Choose either or both to track your water use.

Use this link to learn how to install both software items:

MUD 18 Eyeonwater Instructions (PDF)

While you are at it, please consider providing your email address to HCMUD18 on our website homepage so we can contact you by email with other district-wide notices. Those notices might be to advise of emergency, weather, or special billing information. With your address we can send out email ‘blasts’ to registered customers to keep them informed.

Notes to New Residents

When you move into one of the neighborhoods in our District, you’ll note our water bill often contains suggestions on how you can realize direct savings by using water more effectively. Our common sense suggestions cover 5 main areas of household water use: the Kitchen, Clothes Washing, Bathrooms, Swimming Pools and Landscaping.

Conservation is especially important during hot weather because of increased water use. Outdoor irrigation uses significantly more water during peak daytime hours than household water. And, about 50 percent of the water used on lawns and gardens during the summer can be wasted due to overwatering, irrigation leaks or running during or immediately after rain showers. Please familiarize yourself with your irrigation controls, or have your yard service inspect and repair them seasonally.