Changes Underway for Electronic Bill Payments

The current electronic payment options provided by Compass BBVA, for HCMUD18 customers including Automatic Bank Draft, will expire effective September 10, 2021.

Our Operations company, Eagle Water Management is currently working diligently to secure a contract with a new provider.  You will be notified via insert/water bill when the new payment options are available to you.

Until the new options are in effect, please utilize one of the methods below to pay your monthly water bill.

  1. BY U.S. POSTAL SERVICE:  The customer can pay by mail with the return envelope provided with their billing statement.  Please address the mailed bill to:  Eagle Water Management P.O. BOX 12149 Spring, TX 77391
  2. IN PERSON:  The customer can always bring a payment (cash, check or money order – no cards) by our office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  3. DROP BOX:  For after hours, a drop box is available and under surveillance at all times.
    The drop box is located directly outside of our front door at:  5118 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, TX  77379.
  4. ONLINE BANKING:  Customers can continue to pay electronically through their own bank account and their bank will send a physical check via U.S. Postal Service to Eagle Water Management.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.


Harris County MUD#18


Smart Meters Allow for Customer Monitoring

Harris County MUD has completed district-wide installations of smart water meters. This planned installation was funded by the District’s existing capital improvement funds.

The smart meters replaced mechanical water meters inside existing meter boxes.  These new meters are far more accurate and allow customers to track their own water use. This information can lead to lower individual water costs and increased conservation for our entire area.  The meters use a customer reporting system called ‘EyeOnWater’.

Smart meters remember water use histories and can pinpoint periods of high water use, or even the possible presence of leaks in a customer’s home system. If a leak is suspected, the EyeOnWater software can be set up to contact a customer by email or SMS text message alerts.

The displays clear and concise and water use is displayed in monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly periods, which customers can see compared to a previous week’s use. Additionally, the data displays temperature and rainfall overlays to help explain water use patterns.

EyeOnWater uses 2 separate pieces of software:  a home computer software application, and an app for only mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.  Choose either or both to track your water use.

Use this link to learn how to install both software items:

MUD 18 Eyeonwater Instructions (PDF)

While you are at it, please consider providing your email address to HCMUD18 on our website so we can contact you by email with district-wide notices.